Ancestries Elf

Creating An Elf

Starting Attribute Scores: Strength 10, Agility 10, Intellect 10, Will 10
Perception equals your Intellect score + 2
Defense equals your Agility score
Health equals your Strength score
Healing Rate equals one-quarter your Health, round down
Size 1/2 or 1, Speed 10, Power 0
Damage 0, Insanity 0, Corruption 0
Languages and Professions You speak the Common
Tongue and Elvish
Spell Defense An elf makes any challenge roll to resist a spell with 1 boon. A creature attacking the elf with a spell makes the attack roll with 1 bane.

Level 4 Expert Elf

Characteristics Health +4

You learn one spell or gain Spell Mirror.

Spell Mirror When a creature you can see sucessfully attacks the elf with a spell, you can use triggered action to reflect the spell. The spell is resolved normaly.

Ancestries Elf

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